Facility Tours & Use

For all inquiries regarding facility tours and use, please contact the center administrator, Robyn Foote, at rfoote@stanford.edu.  

The Goodman Surgical Education Center is available for tours, training workshops and other education-related events.

Reservations will be prioritized as follows:

1. Curriculum-based courses & trainings facilitated by the Department of Surgery and/or the Surgery Clerkship Program. 

2. Education didactics, trainings, workshops, etc. facilitated by members of the Department of Surgery.

3. For all other events, priority will be based on educational/community impact and subject to availability of staff/center resources. Fees will be associated. 

Please fill out this form to initiate your request: https://airtable.com/appXDPwPycyhHgCka/shrQKh8v6dHd0vR2l

Information for High School Programs

Tours of the Goodman Center are dependent on staff availability. The physical footprint of the center is small and can only accomodate up to 15 students max. Fees are associated with any hands-on engagement/practice and presentations. Please note that programs hosting minors must follow University protection policies and have a "Stanford Sponsor": https://cardinalatwork.stanford.edu/working-stanford/policies/protection-minors/policy-requirements

The Goodman Surgical Education Center will not act as the Stanford Sponsor for programs unless they are affliated with the Department of Surgery and approval has been given by the director of the center, Dr. James Korndorffer.