Goodman Surgical Education Center
Facility Overview

Welcome to the Goodman Surgical Education Center! 

We are a small, but mighty center. Our physical space is comprised of a seminar/conference room and simulation lab. Both spaces can be reserved simulataneously for training purposes. The conference room has six, height-adjustable tables that can be arranged to accomodate your teaching or meeting needs. Tasks trainers and as well as food-grade products are allowed in this room. There is a large TV screen that allows for slides or other forms of media, you may connect to it using the desktop computer located in the room or via a personal device. The TV and desktop computer DO NOT OFFER VIDEO CONFERENCING. You may connect to zoom and access the audio features, but not the webcam. If you require webcam capabilities then you will need to bring your own device. The room can comfortably fit 15-18 people at a time. 

The simulation lab is modeled after an operating room, it is home to our mannikin and robot console. The lab does not offer seating and is intended for simulation-related tasks/training only. The lab is equipped with an AV system that can project visual and audio feedback into the seminar room, this will allow those in the seminar/conference room to "observe" activities happening in the sim lab in real-time. Please refer to the Supplies & Equipement tab below to read more about our mannikin and how we typically use this integrative feature in our center. The sim lab can comfortably fit 5-8 people at a time. 

Goodman Surgical Education Center Calendar

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