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Stanford Hospital & Clinics

300 Pasteur Drive, Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94304
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Stanford Healthcare
300 Pasteur Drive, Third Floor, H3552
Stanford CA 94305

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Administrator of the Goodman Surgical Education Center: Robyn Foote
Administrative Associate: Marisol Rueda

Walking Directions from the Main Hospital Entrance: 

From the front of the main hospital entrance (fountain side), turn left past the information desk and then proceed down the main corridor past the gift shop and the cafeteria. You will then see a set of stairs and elevators leading down to the atrium or up to the second and third floors. Go to the third floor via the stairs or the elevator. When exiting turn left down the hallway towards Pavilion F. Continue down the hall until you reach an overhead sign that says F33. Make a right at the sign and proceed up the small set of stairs. Once you reach the top, you will see a sign that says Surgical Simulation. Go through the door next to the sign and the Goodman Surgical Education Center will be down the small hallway on your right, room H3552.

Directions for Delivering Equipment, Catering or unable to walk up stairs:
From the front of the main hospital (fountain side), take Corridor One (by the gift shop) to the East Corridor (GI Lab, etc). Turn left towards the cafeteria and continue past the Emergency Department, Radiology Department and Transfusion Services. At the end of the corridor turn left and there will be an elevator on your right. Take the elevator to the Third Floor. Turn left out of the elevator and go past the anesthesia offices. At the 2nd corridor (there will be a sign that says “Surgical Simulation” before the restrooms), turn left. Go to the end of the hallway (before the stairs and small elevator). Turn left through the closed door before the elevator. The Goodman Simulation Center will be on your right, room H3552.