The Goodman Surgical Education Center (GSEC) is an integral part of the Stanford University Department of Surgery. Our team believes in fostering a learning environment that allows trainees at all levels to thrive as they learn. To that end, we have experimented with using the flipped classroom model for our surgical clerkship, experiential learning in our skills course for surgical residents, and other innovative teaching methods that caters to the learning styles of a new generation and encourages multimodal learning. 

You can learn more about the science behind these projects in our research section.

We also encourage everyone to explore our resources page for videos and curricula you may find useful in your own education or teaching. 

Video Demonstrations

How to hold forceps and load a needle driver.

Learn how to tie a two-handed surgical square knot!

Scrub Training at Stanford Med

Stanford Department of Surgery Education Institute

The GSEC (Stanford Department of Surgery Education Institute) has been a Level 1 American College of Surgeons AEI-accredited Education Institute (ACS-AEIs) since 2007 and is accredited through December 2024.

ACS- Accredited Education Institutes undergo a rigorous application and evaluation process to ensure standards for all phases of learning. Stanford Department of Surgery Education Institute has maintained its strong track record of delivering effective education in simulation.

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