The Mission of the Goodman Surgical Education Center

The mission of the Department of Surgery at Stanford University is to provide excellent patient care, to deliver outstanding undergraduate and graduate education, and furthermore to invent the future of Surgery through a commitment to basic science, clinical research and innovation. To this end, the Goodman Surgical Education Center at Stanford is an integral part of these missions, and of the broad education programs throughout Stanford University School of Medicine.


The Goodman Surgical Education Center has a robust educational curriculum including, Resident Education, Medical Students, Pre-Medical Students, and an ACS-AEI Accredited Surgical Simulation Fellowship. 


Deadline to Apply September 15th 2017

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Our research endeavors include flipped classroom for medical student core clerkship, sub-optimal learning environment for medical students, technical skills assessments, and innovative self-assessment platforms.  

Goodman Fellow, Dr. Edward Shipper, receiving the 2017 ASE Resident Educator’s Award.    

What's New at the Goodman

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Education & Research

The research activities in the Goodman Center focus on education and training for its learner population, to improve the trajectory of skills and enhance communication between team members in and outside the surgical suite.

The Goodman Center Hosted a Girls Advancing in Stem Tour in collaboration with the Office of Science Outreach at Stanford. Thanks for stopping by young ladies!

Da Vinci Robot Bookings

Only residents in the robot curriculum can book time on the Da Vinci Robot.