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The Goodman Simulation Center at Stanford, is located in the heart of Stanford Hospital. The Center, which opened its doors in May 2007, was created with a focus and vision of immersive and simulation-based training as an integral part of both surgical training and patient safety. More »

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The Goodman Simulation Center participates in the consortium of the Center for Immersive and Simulation-based Learning at Stanford (CISL).  The Goodman Simulation Center Center is operational thanks to the donors, the School of Medicine, Stanford University Hospital, and the Department of Surgery. More »

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The research activities in the Goodman Center focus on education and training for its learner population, to improve the trajectory of skills and enhance communication between team members in and outside the surgical suite. More »

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Surgery at Stanford University is to provide excellent patient care, to deliver outstanding undergraduate and graduate education, and furthermore to invent the future of Surgery through a commitment to basic science, clinical research and innovation. To this end, the Goodman Simulation Center at Stanford is an integral part of these missions, and of the broad education programs throughout Stanford University School of Medicine.

James Lau, MD

January 2014

The Goodman Simulation Center (GSC) and the Surgical Education Fellowship Program at the Department of Surgery at Stanford have been growing in scope and breadth over the last six months.

We have been re-accredited by the American College of Surgeons as a Level I Education Institute for another three years.  The hard work of all those with the center have culminated in this re-accreditation.

Our operations manager, Kate McGurk, has been hard at work with maintaining our important resident and medical student skills and simulation curricula.  The Verification of Proficiency program for our junior surgical residents has been launched and will assist the residency leadership in assessing technical skills in the patient care competencies in the upcoming surgery residency Next Accreditation System (NAS) and milestones initiative beginning this July. 

Kate and the Goodman Simulation Center have a new assistant and member of the administration, Jennifer Tran.  Jennifer worked as a research assistant and brings to us an enthusiasm for education and research that will push us to new heights. 

We have selected our second education fellow to start July 2014 from the Harvard system.  Dr. Laura Mazer is a PGY-3 surgical resident from the Deaconess Beth Israel and will be with us as our 2014-2016 Surgical Education Fellow joining Dr. Cara Liebert (2013-2105 fellow) from our program at Stanford.  She will bring with her an expertise and the development of inquiry into assessments of residents in surgery.  This will add to our other projects and inform our residency curriculum. 

In addition to our robust programs for the surgical residency and the surgery core clerkship at Stanford, we continue to push the research agenda of the Goodman Simulation Center.  The educational program and research in the area of ‘The Medical Student Clerkship Educational Environment’ is underway for the students, faculty, and residents in surgery.  We will be expanding this program to assist in the education of those students, faculty, and residents of other departments at Stanford that have core clerkships.  This will be assisted by the recent award of a Stanford Vice Provost of Online Learning (VPOL) Grant to us in this endeavor. 

Dr. Liebert is working hard on the blended learning reboot for the didactic program for the medical students of the surgery core clerkship.  This is also supported by a previously awarded VPOL grant by Stanford.  Dr. Liebert will be presenting this project as a poster presentation at the International Meeting of Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) in San Francisco.

The clinical decision making platform/game Surgical Improvement of Clinical Knowledge Ops (SICKO) has been completed under a Stanford Information Technology Grant and will be launched with more publicity and widely in the upcoming year.  Dr. Lin will be presenting this platform at the International Meeting of Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) in San Francisco and presenting a paper on its reliability to the Association of Surgical Education at its annual conference in April 2014 in Chicago.  
We are excited about our expansion in our core curricula, our research mission, and in our personnel.  It is truly the staff, faculty, and fellows that make the Goodman Simulation Center what it is.

James N. Lau, MD FACS
Director, ACS Education Institute Goodman Simulation Center

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Chairman and founder

"No longer will medical and surgical education be by random opportunity, The Goodman Simulation Center will lead the way towards improved patient safety and quality of care by providing the best and most comprehensive learning available." Thomas Krummel, MD

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