The Mission of the Goodman Surgical Education Center

The mission of the Goodman Surgical Education Center is to provide surgeons, surgical residents, medical students, and allied health professionals with the skills necessary to:

• provide state-of-the-art patient care,

• function as adult learners and innovators, and

• pursue research to help create the future of surgery. 

Educational Programs

The Goodman Surgical Education Center has a robust educational curriculum including, Resident Education, Medical Students, Pre-Medical Students, and an ACS-AEI Accredited Surgical Simulation Fellowship. 

Education Fellowship

This is an American College of Surgeons – Education Institutes Accredited Fellowship in Simulation and Education in Surgery. The intent of the fellowship is to equip surgeons with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for leadership positions in undergraduate and graduate medical education.



Our research endeavors include flipped classroom for medical student core clerkship, sub-optimal learning environment for medical students, technical skills assessments, and innovative self-assessment platforms.  

Welcome Jenirose Santos!

Please join us in welcoming Jenirose Santos as the new administrative associate for the Goodman Surgical Education Center!

Simulation & Education

The research activities in the Goodman Center focus on education and training for its learner population, to improve the trajectory of skills and enhance communication between team members in and outside the surgical suite.

OR interCEPT

OR Inter-professional Communication Education Program for Teamwork. interCEPT provides improvement of interdisciplinary communication and teamwork in the operating room in-situ sumulation and debrief.