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The mission of the Department of Surgery at Stanford University is to provide excellent patient care, to deliver outstanding undergraduate and graduate education, and furthermore to invent the future of Surgery through a commitment to basic science, clinical research and innovation. To this end, the Goodman Simulation Center at Stanford is an integral part of these missions, and of the broad education programs throughout Stanford University School of Medicine.

The Goodman Simulation Center is a Level 1 American College of Surgeons Accredited Educational Institute.  The Goodman Simulation Center is accredited as part of the Stanford Department of Surgery Education Institute.  The center was first accredited in June 2007 and recently received continued accreditation until December 2016.  During its most recent accreditation review the center received a “Best Practices” notation for its collaboration with the Stanford Business School for the Residency Surgical Skills Leadership program, and was featured in a Best Practices workshop in the 7th Annual Consortium of ACS-accredited Education Institutes meeting. 

The Goodman Simulation Center was chosen to host the ACS-AEI Post Graduate Course in Fall 2015. 

Letter from the Director

The Start of the new academic year brings with it the cycle of progress in graduate and undergraduate medical education and most specifically with us at the Department of Surgery at Stanford.

At the Goodman Surgical Education Center (GSEC), Dr. Edward Shipper has returned to the University of Texas at San Antonio as a clinical PGY-3 to complete his general surgery residency.  He leaves us on the heels of the acceptance of his abstract, Evaluating the Impact of Blinded vs. Non-Blinded Interviews on the General Surgery Resident Selection Process, which will be presented at the scientific forum for the Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons in October in San Diego.  He completed his work on Bridging the Gap Between Simulation Center and Patient Bedside: A Point of Care Video-based Curriculum for Common, Low-Risk Bedside Procedures which was funded by the 2016 APDS ASE Collaborative Initiative Grant.  Ed had worked with the programs and program directors at the University of Nevada (Jenifer Baynosa), Indiana Universiy (Jen Choi), Stanford (Marc Melcher), and the University of Tennessee (Nicole Kissane) to perform matched interviews on attrition and non-attrition residents in order to discern any common themes related to surgery residency attrition.  Our Stanford Med Scholar Student Genna Braverman (now a medicine intern at the Columbia-Cornell Program, utilized the same sample to discern the importance of mentorship in attrition.  Her manuscript has been submitted for peer review.  Elena Brandford, also one of our star Stanford Med Scholars who has completed her manuscript of the work she presented at the 2017 Surgical Education Week in San Diego on Student Definitions and Perceptions of Mistreatment on the Surgery Core Clerkship. 

Dr. Brittany Hasty, from the general surgery program at Loyola University Chicago, becomes our senior education fellow.  She has completed her coursework for her Master’s in Health Professions Education (MHPE) from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and will be working on her thesis.  She will be shifting her research attention from medical student mistreatment, of which she completed a manuscript with one of our burgeoning education focused medical students, Sarah Miller, to that of interdisciplinary communication and teamwork.  She will join me, along with education leads at Stanford from the hospital peri-operative services, the Departments of Surgery and Anesthesia, the Center for Immersive and Simulation-Based Learning, and the Risk Authority to implement an inter-disciplinary in-situ simulation program that will become standard work in the main OR at Stanford.  Our aim is to burn inter-disciplinary training into the fabric of our OR culture. 

Dr. Edmund Lee joins us as our new education fellow from the general surgery residency at the Beth Israel Mount Sinai Program in New York.  He has been accepted into and will start his MHPE at UIC this July.  He comes to us with boundless initiative, work ethic, and enthusiasm.   He will find his research niche and begin teaching our medical students and residents this month.

Kristen Kayser, our GSEC operations manager, and Hailee Kuhl, our assistant manager, have quickly become the administrative experts at curriculum implementation for surgery at Stanford.  Under the seasoned direction of Dr. Dana Lin, Kristen and Hailee have ensured the innovation of resident assessment in evolving our verification of proficiency program (VOP) for surgical skill and in splitting our didactic core course to a senior and junior program for our surgery residents.  Dana also is continuing her research arc on emotional intelligence, resilience, grit, and wellness in surgery graduate medical education.  She will be mentoring our summer intern, Wendy Qiu in the aspects of wellness in our surgical residency program. 

We also want to congratulate our Director of Research, Sylvia Merrell, and her husband Nick, on the birth of their first child, Sonja. 

Wishing everyone a great summer!

Goodman History

The Education Institute of the Department of Surgery at Stanford School of Medicine was accredited by the American College of Surgeons on June 6, 2007. The accreditation was the culmination of an almost decade-long process beginning with the recruitment of Dr. Thomas Krummel as the Emile Holman Professor and Chair of the Department of Surgery in 1998.  Through strategic planning and perseverance, Dr. Krummel took a uni-dimensional department and by both recruitment and innovation turned it into a hot bed for clinical excellence, cutting edge research, and highly regarded educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. 

At its core, the Education Institute is a vital part of an ongoing investment by the School of Medicine in both personnel and technology to support immersive and simulation-based learning. Stanford Hospital’s commitment was evident by the provision of almost 1,500 square feet of space for the Goodman Simulation Center in 2006, which is the hub and flagship facility of the Education Institute. The Department of Surgery led the fundraising efforts ($4M) for the design, construction, and completion of the Goodman Simulation Center (GSC) and committed funds to the yearly operation of the Education Institute. The Department’s commitment includes the purchase of a substantial amount of simulation technology, the creation of a Director position to administer activities in the Education Institute, and the provision of protected time for faculty to administer the Education Institute.  With the opening of the Goodman Simulation Center in 2006, all the essentials of the Education Institute were in place. Dr. Krummel applied for and received accreditation as an American College of Surgeons Education Institute after a site visit in March 2007.

The Education Institute of the Department of Surgery at Stanford School of Medicine, of which the Goodman Simulation Center is the centerpiece, is an integral part of the Stanford School of Medicine.  The Department of Surgery faculty, who support and run the Education Institute, also hold leadership positions at Stanford Hospital & Clinics. Dr. Thomas Krummel initially served as the Institute’s director at its inception.  In 2009 he was joined by Dr. Ralph Greco, the Stanford General Surgery Program Director from July 1, 2000 - September 1, 2009, who now serves as the Director of Surgical Programs in the Education Institute.  In November 2011, Dr. James Lau (who had served as the Curriculum Director since November 2009) became the Institute director.  He has been instrumental in re-establishing the General Surgery Residency skills curriculum.

Since the Education Institute’s original accreditation in 2007, we have fine tuned our mission statement: to provide surgeons, surgical residents, medical students, and allied health professionals with the skills necessary to 1) Provide state-of-the-art patient care, 2) Function as adult learners and innovators and 3) Pursue research to help create the future of surgery. 


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